IT Relocation

Our Relocation Services Include:

  • Site assessments at both locations
  • Project plan and timeline creation
  • Pre-move preparation
  • Backup, recovery and disaster planning
  • Contractor and vendor management
  • Facilities planning
  • Disconnect/Reconnect services
  • Equipment inventory and packing
  • Post-move support

IT Relocation Services

The biggest concern when moving to a new office space is to get up and running as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to business. Desktop Advisers has a comprehensive IT relocation plan to ensure business continuity, whether you are moving one PC or a complex network. Our plan allows for each individual item to be decommissioned, relocated and recommissioned in the most time-efficient and thorough manner.

Desktop Advisers will assess your current systems to utilize existing infrastructure where practical in the new environment. We’ll also make recommendations for upgrading systems and other improvements, while keeping a smooth transition in mind. From our first assessment of your current environment, to the final setup in your new location, we will work to ensure that your move is seamless, with minimal impact on operations. At Desktop Advisers, we have the knowledge and experience necessary when planning and executing a successful move.

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