Law Office Automation

Law Office Automation

Since the invention of word processing, the legal market has embraced the use of technology.

Desktop Advisers has helped law firms automate their work for more than 15 years and has expertise with Worldox for document management, Symphony Suite for profile streamlining and PDF OCR, Sony Digital Paper, TimeMatters from Lexis Nexis and Office 365.


World Software Corporation, a proven leader in document management systems, helps law firms of all sizes solve the “where did you store the document” question. Worldox is the ideal solution for a firm or company struggling to manage thousands of documents, emails, electronic records and other sources of electronic information...more

MetaJure is a document management system that enables fast and complete searching of firm information. MetaJure automatically collects, stores and analyzes all of the documents and emails in a law firm and then makes them easily retrievable through a simple, keyword search, even from mobile devices. It’s perfect for firms that need a DMS, but want the system to confirm to the current environment, without moving documents into a new structure.

Symphony Suite combines two robust products, Symphony Profiler and Symphony OCR into a complete imaging suite for Worldox. With Symphony Suite, the scanning processes and automatic OCR technologies are optimized to manage paper documents as efficiently as it manages electronic documents. ..more

LegalAnywhereConnect™ enables law firms and corporate legal departments around the world to share, collaborate and communicate with clients anywhere, anytime, on any device. This customizable solution seamlessly integrates with Worldox as well as others, Active Directory and Microsoft Outlook Calendar. It provides secure file sharing, granular rights and permissions, watermarking controls, and custom workflow that extend the reach and availability of your law firm to your clients.

FirmConnect® is a secure intranet solution that facilitates every day workflow within your firm to automate routine tasks and administrative functions like time off requests, check requests, CLE tracking just to name a few. It promotes self-service and saves time by centralizing the firms internal information all in one place with no software-development.

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